• A History of the World - Interlude III


    The "end of history" fell together with "total globalization". Wow! Big mouthy business going on there! Something like the unavoidable final success of capitalism as THE story to tell, larger than lives, larger than the stories of Marx or Christianity. Cropped up at the turn of a Millenium, with famous advocates involved. But: What makes an individual "globalized"? Being colonized by technical devices? Being a prosumer, using "social media"? Being a "world citizen" who is at the same time a mere "human ressource" at a world-wide market? How pathetic!

    So here is a different approach. I don't underestimate the power of markets and media. I'd want to strengthen all the other skills and options human kind has in store - and might have. There is lots that can't be assimilated via markets and media, not even badly copied. This is wonderful and will be.

  • The Klassisches Kuba review


    Dear readers, watchers, listeners and commentators! will be closed down by mid-December. So I am putting out everything I have already written until end of November - three times a week. I don't know yet where to go to , at least to make sure all this here stays online, but will let you know. Thank you for following!

    You know, as a teen I had already done some home recordings, sometimes just using a keyboard (I had talked my mother into subscribing to our tv magazine, the keyboard came as a bonus) or reading lyrics over loops of other people's music. (Not up anywhere by now.) But there was also a bunker on the other side of the street and one friend got into bass playing (it was the high time of "Crossover") and the other had started a band that was a bit like The Doors, haha. So as there were incredibly muso musicians around, they had to practice somewhere. Yes, there.
    There was also a Hardcore guy (i.e. Black Flag and Nomeansno here) in our gang, somebody who had just started drumming and drawing comics and me, who was, erm, influenced by Der Plan, Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Tödliche Doris and Foyer des Arts back then. So the Doors guy, the Comics guy, the Hardcore guy and me sometimes entered the bunker, grabbed other peoples instruments and did some first take recordings. We used lyrics by me, made some up from scratch or improvised on words from newspapers and brochures lying around there. One song was explicitly about the stabbing of Monica Seles, others were observations on the life around me - make of the Jodie Foster reference what you want. Of course we changed instruments a lot.
    The first tape we released was mainly a messy jam and they would not let us play at the local festival of the cool peoples' hangout. We were too arty and proud of it. The second tape was better, haha. You can find the highlights of the first two tapes here. We never gigged anywhere.

    I went to university and we placed some ads, drawings and texts in some student fanzines, did some djing together and dissolved as a collective.
    There was another associate member, with whom I did some performances at the students' demonstrations of '93 and later - 2008 - the poster/ad in the picture and this video (for some strange organization I was shortly involved in), dealing with post-industralization - doesn't it? This "Web guy" also did some performances/actions with the Comics guy that did not make it to the web. The Doors guy was also involved during the end of my political work at university. There was still a Klassisches Kuba vibe involved all the time, probably even now there is. We very rarely meet each other nowadays, as every good strange collective should, I think. A lot of this vibe also went into the Commando, c.i.z. and Radio Gruga projects, of course.

  • The student mag review ('96-'97)


    Dear readers, watchers, listeners and commentators! will be closed down by mid-December. So I am putting out everything I have already written until end of November - three times a week. I don't know yet where to go to , at least to make sure all this here stays online, but will let you know. Thank you for following!

    Writing this - and of course going back in time - has been more exhausting than I had thought. I have only two more mags to go through now - and this is what I found:

    Having come around town (Essen) a bit, I started to provoke people out there then (but not just) via a column called "auf essen", that appeared in der taschenpapst and krisenwirtschaft alternately. I was disillusioned about what would become of the campus radio and the jazzer organisation we had supported. I was also sick of the careerists and used strong words against the profs, too, which I blamed for streamlining their students in a way that was, so to speak, not agreed upon when we signed in. Hm. In fact many of us became freelancers afterwards, not that many started a corporate/"political" career, but there are also thousands now without a job you'd expect after a degree there. "Gesamthochschule", a tough arena.

    Full page ad in that edition of der taschenpapst, too, promoting gigs by acts like Rocko Schamoni and Marilyn's Army. The last edition of krisenwirtschaft had a half pager ad by Broadway in it, where I was doing some event management then, too. Promoting gigs by people like Tom Liwa there, who had helped me a lot when I started at students' club KKC. Both ads were paid for.

    I almost went private - like now - when writing in "auf essen" indirectly about a woman. And I refered back to the questionnaire by quoting Yoko Ono, "Mirror becomes a razor when it's broken", directly next to this. A little bit later I left university, my last lines were: "We never watched him play with the big toys. We never thought we could be so cool." Which is a wrong quote. In fact it was more like "We never thought he could be so cruel" in "The incredible change of our alien". But that was what is was like with the public and me those days. In fact I still don't want "it" to read about me. I have never really escaped the public eye since then, though.
    Some of us have documented what we went through back then, without giving away too much, I think. Anyhow, the social democrats threw all the mags in the bin after we had left. And others ruined the students' club. But our bodies and minds still keep telling the story. They just can't stop. And there are plenty more. This here might have been for them, again or this time, however. And for similar cases, if I may say so.

    P.S.: Old and new stuff up here.

  • A History of the World (11)


    Here is a U.

    And a V.

    Revolutions, independence... More than household notions these words apparently stand for all the glory of the U.S. and certain European traditions - Russia came in a bit later with their own spin. Though of course South America, Africa, large parts of Asia had and have their own stories to tell. But the sheer existence of the U.S.A., as it is now after all that happened there before, and the power behind the French Revolution can really leave us speechless, don't they? Is this just me? There are still dictators here, monarchies there. But... "modern democracy": This is where it's at, right?

    I sometimes say that I was raised with a strong belief in democracy and emancipation in my bones. And I don't refer to my parents here but to what I was fed via school, university, media. It took me some time to find out that in everyday life both schemes aren't as important as I had thought, partly hoped. In fact I still feel shattered and disappointed about democracy and emancipation being ideals that are questioned and kicked any second and not something you can rely on or at least something people want to share and push forward together. This is strange. And it gets even more strange when these ideas are played out against each other or when the people who are meant to hold these virtues high use these only as weapons against other, may it be inside or outside their beloved territories.

  • The student mag review ('95-'96)


    Dear readers, watchers, listeners and commentators! will be closed down by mid-December. So I am putting out everything I have already written until end of November - three times a week. I don't know yet where to go to , at least to make sure all this here stays online, but will let you know. Thank you for following!

    I am not including some more "official" texts here, but I think it is adequate to at least state that I kinda tested the boundaries of what could be done in fanzines for the Communications, German & Theology (der taschenpapst) and the Economics students (krisenwirtschaft).

    (It was surely a lot to keep up with, when in daytime you were supposed to deal with cognitive intelligence, chaos theory, Niklas Luhmann and the likes. Well, we were "heads", in a way. But soon I mainly did my job as an event manager for the students' club and others and did not write and read that much anymore. It also felt good that "what had to be said was said" and that now we'd "act". Hm. Too much 90s radical chic in there? Probably.)

    Reading what I wrote in '95, most of it was something like "Won't somebody stop me? I am trying hard not to be understood." In fact there was a huge "Bitte, bitte, macht ein Ende!" head in one edition of der taschenpapst with a dinosaur pic placed next to it and an earthquake destroying a town below. The text inbetween (by me) was simply offending, not much else. If I remember correctly, I could sense the hedonists taking over (including, partly, within myself) and I wanted to get away from those, diving deeper into politics and leaving the party people emotionally behind while being at the same time sucked into a 24-7 event manager routine. Next to the dinosaur it said "Taktik der verbrannten Erde", next to the earthquake town it said "Viel Glück und viel segen auf all Deinen Wegen! Gesundheit und Freude sei auch mit dabei!" An early goodbye somehow, but I would never really return to my colleagues at Communications.

    At krisenwirtschaft I went absolutely anti-media at about the same time. I might had seen lots of people not only gone lost to drugs and vanities, but also to the joys of surfing. Plus politically there was a phase of compromises, working with social democrats and in fact learning a bit about what they think politics are or should be like. But there were "parties" featuring people like Speedfreak and movies about Einstürzende Neubauten, too. On Sundays there were jazz concerts.

    I like the head "Hey, revolutionäres Gesocks! Geld her und Party!" in the second-to-last edition of der taschenpapst. Sounds like early 21st century now, haha. Was announcing a concert feat. F.S.K. and another feat. Kreidler there. In krisenwirtschaft there is a stunning paragraph written after a meeting with Die Goldenen Zitronen: "Wer sich weiter in der Apokalypse suhlt, darf sich von stalinoidem Vorgehen aber bitte nicht noch mehr gestört fühlen als von faschistischem. Oder geht's um systemstabilisierende Deeskalation, auf daß sich alles wieder erholt? Diese Lüge kannst Du dann echt bitte mit Deinem Fernseher, Deiner Angst und deinen Privilegien bis auf weiteres ausleben. Dann wird vielleicht mal ein bisschen Wohlstand umverteilt, und Du hast Deine Ruhe bis zur nächsten Tarifverhandlung oder bis neben Dir wieder eine Bombe einschlägt, die gerade noch höchstens als Gerücht in den Medien existierte." Clearly more Brecht than Meinhof! And very 21st century, isn't it? Headline: "Noone is innocent: Individualisierung & Gegenstrategien".

    There is also a questionnaire by me in that krisenwirtschaft, full of personal questions, adressing the reader, no room for anwers. Like a mirror.


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