• Substitutes XV


    Must have taken pictures lately. One shows the aforementioned tent in Dortmund on Sunday afternoon. The other shows a bike (and another) and not that many cars at Bottrop train station on a Saturday afternoon.


  • Feuilleton 6


    1) I feel deeply embarassed by the fact that human kind does not get rid of that thing called weekend officially. Once there was the church, then there was disco and now it's some sort of dayjob routine that keeps the internet from making us all go 24/7 - and then who would care about 7 or 8 or 365? Objects in space circle around each other, but the clocks are digital and there a nanoseconds that change fates of nations - so they say. At the same time the weekly routine of a couple still goes like this. 5x Work. And after the evenings from Monday to Thursday were some sort of Cassandra prophecy for what may happen on Friday - not to think about Saturday and Sunday! - if one does not go out just to AVOID lots of things and words and gestures... is spent, faces are laughed at, a good time is brought up until the whole scenery laughs back into the two faces, so one goes home and to bed. (If children are in there somewhere, they may have to take over the role of the public most of the time.) So then comes Saturday and something similar happens with the extra-tricky daytime playing a special part. And then Sunday, where everybody decides better to go back to their screens already or try some of that nature thing before that. But somehow this routine seems better and healthier than getting rid of that weekend cliché, that at least guarantees some hope for a change that will never come. Like religion, like disco. Like the web.

    2) Notes I find on my mobile:
    - Still Mary Douglas:
    "Statusappelle und positionales Kontrollverhalten"
    "Ein Pygmäe kann eben nicht ohne weiteres mit einem Prediger, einem Journalisten oder einem Dozenten gleichgesetzt werden."
    - "In Essens nördlicher Innenstadt wirkt es oft so, als sei 'selbstständig' und 'kreativ' so etwas wie 'irre', 'behindert' oder 'asozial'. Dass so etwas in direkter Nachbarschaft zu ThyssenKrupp geschieht und auch noch KQ genannt wird, erscheint zumindest doppelbödig."
    - "Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's good. Just because it's bad doesn't mean we have to make it popular. Just because it's unpopular doesn't mean it's good."
    - "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain."
    - "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
    - "Spliff: Déja Vu"
    - "Deine Anpassung ist dein Freiheitsrahmen."
    - "respect the reluctant people!"
    - Dave Eggert, "The Circle":
    "I'm not sick. I'm awesome!"
    - "Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft der Herren auflösen!"
    - "Wenn der Düsseldorfer nicht weiter weiß, greift er zu Marmor und Messing."
    - "Ich habe dich im Traum verpasst"
    - Theo wir fahren nach Lodz

    3) Disintegration. Because one does not want to be someone who gives up on whatever or whoever, we often hold on less than half-heartedly to too many things and people. Even if not for real. Each mini dose of clicks and likes is a placebo as bad as an audience's applause for a song about a lost love. And then the moment when you enter the next stage to make this happen again. It's surely better if you (can) fake it.

    (Pic used before.)

  • Pictures of Prague

    2014-08-06 17.56.29

    Outskirts. Cheap hotels, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Autotechnik Unger and so on.

    2014-08-06 18.10.25

    Outskirts. Mall.

    2014-08-07 15.07.23

    Tourist zone. Čestr restaurant.

    2014-08-07 16.30.33

    Tourist zone. Picture at Kings Court Hotel.

    2014-08-07 22.58.28

    Tourist zone. Picture at Reduta Jazz Club.

    2014-08-08 12.45.17

    Historical train station.

  • Loops & Memories IV


    Some pics I once took and posted here and what I make of them now, if so. This series will end when I am back in real time, so to speak - as I started with the old ones and choose less old ones as this series is approaching "IV" or "V" or so and will end. They call this "chronologically", I guess. First: Where a museum and playground for children pays tribute to how the coalminers of the ruhr area worked below the ground. The children in fact don't care that much about the dark around them, they are fearless - so said the woman there to the group of people I was with to do some research for a longer trip with the International Visitors Programme NRW.


    Same occasion. A playful model of a different Metropolis. Reminds me of how they painted the houses here in the 70s. Later they painted the walls.


    A Sunday in Düsseldorf. Sometimes I wonder if moving to Berlin (part-time for some time) was not to come back to Essen later but to come back to something or somewhere similar, but different later. It was definitely not meant as some sort of "I was wrong, you idiots around here are right"-move. Some still can't get that. And how should they.

    2014-06-21 19.40.23

    A boat in a garden in Essen. I think this series may end now.

    (Written end of June.)

  • BTDT Monthly 09/2014


    Some people and institutions I worked with in August - and more than before:
    Ministry for Economics, Energy, Industry and Commerce of North Rhine-Westphalia
    Essener Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft
    Stuntcat DJ Team
    Dintje Dance
    Familie Staub
    Caia Hagel

    I went to a lot of restaurants, in Essen as well as in Prague. I think I can call this a hobby yet: Checking out how people work at these places, if they are okay or just over-professional, if they notice that I am having fun but at the same time interested in being absolutely no snob.

    DJed in a small circus tent. About 8h. Ping Pong mainly. At the end - at about 2 p.m. the next day - I span the first side of Magazine's "Real Life" album, apart from "Definitive Gaze", that is. The last line of "Burst" goes like this: "Keep your silence to yourself. You will forget yourself."

    Started working for Labkultur at their home base in Dortmund three times a week. This means that there are and will be more articles by me in the future, but that I will also be the main person to guide the other authors through this adventure.

    Went to the local bib and lent three books two months ago. Haven't finished a single one yet.

    (Pic was already used last year.)


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