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    Why not reflect upon work in the cultural/commercial field from time to time?

    1) You see, with the towns quite broke, decisions made about large companies whereever and Brussels and Berlin seeming to be just about declaring the Ruhr Area some sort of experimental danger zone, I could not resist thinking a little bit about where all this work in the cultural/pop/media biz may lead us.

    I was surprised to find that - in a town where the RWE (energy, ressources, etc.), for example, is in big trouble itself - so unbelievably much dependes upon sponsors to keep at least the surface of a cultural life going. A life not ruled by "football, fucking, television", as we used to say. Okay, the (not) working class has computers now, but the football club in town is a drag and people are keen and crazy - and almost nobody admits to being poor AND unwilling to submit to the mechanisms of a brutalized and brutalizing process, during which people either obey to survive (and keep their face among their kind) or have to struggle very hard to keep self-respect, solidarity and autonomy half-way intact. Nice move that the puppets rarely wear uniforms these days.

    Globalization. Struggle for ressources. 21st century. We had heard about that. Everybody better look for themselves because there is no safe job anymore! Yeah, maybe that's better than depending upon money from some foot soldiers of out-crazed global players or neo-national blut-and-boden-heinis. But then you can see so many people who would almost do anything to keep their jobs, their "standards", their make-up. Not so long ago it was said that there would be a "cultural hegemony" of the left in Germany. How can this be a culture where they sell themselves as cheap as possible before somebody else gets the peanut? No. Again: Apart from the usual vague (national-"revolutionary") ideal that there may be an emergency case during which the state has to take control of the nationwide production - which has never been "left", especially after 1933 - I can't see anything that may lead me to believe that any of the political trends of the last 30 years led to a cultural hegemony of what left ever.

    Animal rights, polyamoury, vegans, bikers, the usual distinctions via media... That's all entertainment for the crowd - and mainly a way to keep things and people under control. And how they pay - and how willing they are to work for almost nothing if they believe in something or feel which inner force ever making them do things that people in "less civilized" areas of the world can't even imagine to do if on hard drugs. This is not your early 20th century control, stupid! This is very different. Everybody's happy nowadays.

    But if everybody actually can't be happy nowadays? Yes, it is getting quite rude over here. (And aggressive towards other countries, lifestyles, etc.) As if all these means to control people now make perfect sense, because otherwise there would be riots and/or dissidents en masse. People are stuck in their tracks, their highly individualized traps. And I can't see that the people who are getting jobs in the cultural field are getting these because anybody is concerned about culture or a civilized society. There seem to be other reasons why people are allowed to do things. There have always been preferences by political parties and companies and whoever, like: Let him or her do this, he or she is easy to handle or a friend or ex-lover of some son of a grandsigneur. Poverty and greed do not change anything about this system, of course. It's just getting uglier and uglier. I am glad I have found some people I can work with which are different. I guess.

    Now I have to laugh a bit, because I just thought that I am still a "content" person. (While I am listening to Gang of Four.) Means that when working or dealing with persons generally, I think about an outcome that may make sense in a cultural, social and maybe even political way. I mean: I do this myself and I look for people who can do this, too. So we combine forces and ideas and have a result of our own. Most people who want you to work for them or "deal with them" don't want this. I mean: Is it all about some sort of contracts these days really? Plus people are more and more used to being prosumers, the meat in the soup of some software. I almost can't find any job anymore that requires creative talent! And in my private life: Should I just fit into a "plan", a "scheme", be as one dimensional (plus a bit funny) as possible, so that I don't appear too complicated aka human? Everybody just loooves robots - and androids - nowadays around here, it seems. Function. Necessities. Simple solutions. Autobahns of thought and emotion.

    I better go out now. I have to be part of another real life role playing game that needs a very flat character to work out fine. It's dull. But I earn some money with that. Will have to compensate for that later. Not via cheap, commercial culture, though. I have a reputation for being not that easily thrown over by the pigs.

    Heard a rumour about a EU-project called "Adopt an Alien". Does it mean there are more of us?


    2) Wasn't I meant to write less this month? Yes, but I couldn't stop until about the 9th of April. That's until when all entries of this month were written.

    3) I have been thinking a bit about people taking drugs to fulfil their ambitions, feel "fit" or simply to stand up to a certain pressure or the other. I want to live without all that. But then I have been working in the entertainment biz for some time, and even some people I have seen much more often than others or I have worked closer with than with others obviously still have drug problems. And/or psychic troubles. I don't really know about these, because I am an "outsider" concerning this now more than ever. And they won't show it to me. And others won't tell me about it, normally. How could one say "I don't want to work with him/her, because her/his addiction is ruining my (mental) health."? As they are burning out people more and more everywhere, they will always prefer the addicts - for some time - or not? Like teenage models. Conclusion? If you are young and cheap, you lose a lot very early. And then you have to pretend it's fun, well, forever.

    I remember how I explored certain scenes without getting in too deep - I thought. Now I feel very trapped in other people's behaviour, schemes and clichés. My freedom seems to end where their freedom is desperate to prove itself. I have been thinking and writing about poverty (concerning money). These days I can remember very well what it was like when I was poor concerning sensitivity, taste and caution. Not that I have changed that much... I have not been able to get away from that and these people enough yet for my taste. And it keeps making me ill. Again. Somebody gave me a wink at the end of last year and said that sometimes you can stay at the same place and leave certain things behind, too. Now it's almost a year now that I am back at the same place. And I still feel sucked (in again) - mainly by suckers, of course. (Wire have been on drugs there, haven't they?)

  • Disclaimer IV


    1) I don't want to bother you with stuff from yesteryear here anymore. But on the other hand I don't really want to write down too much about what is happening "now", this week, this month, too. I think there should be one entry a week here, though.

    2) I have looked up if there is something new to find if I google my name. So that I may write: "Well, this is a wrong quote." Or "That's not me." To protect myself from wrong associations - even though this won't change anything about ads and mails I get to see, that were generated by some sort of "profiling". I tend to ignore these, anyhow. So:
    - People have been lokking for my telephone number. There is a wrong one at some old homepage I don't use anymore. In fact I only own a mobile.
    - Somebody has also looked up my "email name activity reports". Okay.
    - The usual vebidoo-, radaris-, etc.-entries.
    - Yes, I used Photobucket once. Somehow this has re-appeared at Google.
    - Some mentions for my writing, thinktanking, djing and curating jobs. All neutral or positive. One example plus some moving pictures concerning I CAN BE YOUR TRANSLATOR are here.
    - This - whereever on that page - is not me.
    - You won't find my FB-account here.
    - Yahoo knows someone with the same name in Switzerland.
    - The fourth picture Google shows us has Christoph Schlingensief in it. Everybody who is not me there is somebody I have written about once. Gidropony and CocoRosie can be found quite soon. I like that.
    That's all nothing to get excited or hysterical about.

    3) Of course I sometimes do wonder who some of the writers in my comment section are. But I can't really differentiate between the state of art of a) robots, b) trolls and c) funny anonymists anyway. Maybe this is even a "service" of for people who don't make "friends" here? So what.

    4) Anything else I worry about concerning this web-thing here and me? Not now.

  • 10 out of 5

    Chakassien Lichtburg

    So here are ten of my FB-postings not dealing with music and of the last five months. As it is, in German.

    10) November 10, 2013
    Das haben wir bei "Soziale Systeme" an der Uni irgendwie nicht besprochen.

    9) December 3, 2013
    Vitali Klitschko - seit '96 von Deutschland aufgebaut. (Durfte erstmal vor allem gegen Amis gewinnen, Linksausleger). Schöne Fotos im Staatsfernsehen:

    8) January 15, 2014
    Übrigens: 15.1. war nur mal der FB-Geburtstag dieser Web-Identität hier - glaub ich. Beglückwunscht mich also bitte wenn dann zu etwas anderem. Danke!

    7) January 16, 2014
    "Man will Tee zubereiten. Das Wasser kocht noch nicht. Man muß also warten. Die Differenzen Tee/andere Getränke, Kochen/Nichtkochen, Wartenmüssen/Trinkenkönnen strukturieren die Situation, ohne daß es nötig oder auch nur hilfreich wäre, die Einheit der jeweils benutzten Differenz zu thematisieren." (That's Niklas Luhmann again.)

    6) February 20, 2014
    Hans übt schonmal für mich.

    5) February 23, 2014
    Googelt man "Staatspop" kommt man über Jakob Augstein zu Berthold Seliger:

    4) March 1, 2014
    100 Jahre erster Weltkrieg. Im Westen Karneval, im Osten Balkanisierung der Ukraine.
    Überwindet Deutschland nun also endlich sein Stalingrad-Trauma und es klappt wieder mit der NATO? Der Zeitpunkt jedenfalls ist gut gewählt (und das "traute sich niemand ihn zu behandeln, weil.." ein echter Schenkelklopfer):

    3) March 2, 2014
    Deutschlandweit zieht Russland seine Leute langsam ab. Nur einige Extremidioten von Die Linke müssen bleiben. Die Google-Anfrage "Raketenschutzschild" erreicht Höchstwerte in Deutschland - was aber nicht veröffentlicht wird. Und in der realen Welt: Hamsterkäufe bei Lidl! Und in Rüttenscheider Cafés suchen Menschen unbewusst im Keller nach der Toilette. Tja, hätte man schon diese unterirdischen "Messe-Kongresshallen", dann wüsste man wohin.

    2) March 15, 2014
    Handstreich im Bundestag: Wie Abgeordnete um 0:25 Uhr ein Bürgerrecht aushebelten

    1) March 26, 2014
    Oh weh und hurra. Kettenbriefbespaßung. Los geht's:

    "Die Regeln: Nicht zu lange nachdenken. Schreibe 15 Autoren aller Richtungen auf, die dich beeinflusst haben und dir immer erhalten bleiben werden. Liste die ersten 15 auf, die dir in weniger als 15 Minuten einfallen. Dann nominiere mindestens 15 Freunde, inklusive mir, damit ich sehen kann, welche Autoren es bei meinen Freunden werden. Um loszulegen, kopiere dies und stelle es vor deine Aufzählung."

    Hier also die Aufzählung:
    1. Voltaire
    2. Oscar Wilde
    3. Diedrich Diederichsen
    4. Lawrence
    5. Edgar Mennicken
    6. Nikolai Wojtko
    7. Jacques Derrida
    8. Arthur Kroker
    9. Franz Kafka
    10. Gustave Flaubert
    11. Julie Burchill
    12. Thomas Meinecke
    13. Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre
    14. Peter Erik Hillenbach
    15. William S. Burroughs

    Wer von euch mag den Faden weiterspinnen? (...) Hm, also einerseits habe ich ja gar nicht viele Freunde hier, aber vielleicht welche die mehr schreiben als die Genannten - ich weiß es nur womöglich nicht. Können auch mitmachen!

    (What I liked about the whole thing was that I mentioned authors whose writing - as in "style" - influenced me, while I suspect(ed) my friends to mention authors whose writing - as in "content" - influenced them.)

    ((Pic taken at a cinema in Essen. Russian dancers. Yes, I used this pic once before.))

  • BTDT Monthly 04/2014

    2014-03-25 23.01.32

    In March I worked with people from the following,
    not already mentioned, institutions, too:
    Essen Marketing GmbH
    Community Promotion
    Silke Seibel
    BNP Paribas Real Estate
    Dutch Design Desk Europe
    NRW KULTURsekretariat
    Kunsthaus Essen
    Galerie Goltz
    Oliver Schmidt Hairdesign

    I earned less than Euro 1000,- with all that in this month.

    I am drawn a bit towards Düsseldorf as my favorite town "next door" at the moment, and away from Dortmund.

    My four jobs for Labkultur were done quite dutifully this month. As it is, there will only be three to be done in April and May.

    I smoked less when in that room for three weeks.

    Was pleased to read about one more follower via twitter. I don't follow people there and have just reduced the amount of bands etc. I follow via (my semi-anonymous) FB(-account). I will re-follow Camille Davila via FB, though! (Hi, you are very welcome!) We wrote each other a few years ago, because I really liked "Wireless World" by her. Now something has happened, and we can guess a bit about that via this song about the "too much too soon" of a relationship. Isn't it? Maybe it's not.
    I have only two other followers (I guess) I have never met. This was much different in my myspace-days. Glad I have moved on.

    Rarely ever wrote as much in only one month as I did in March. April should be different.

    (Self-portrait taken in Düsseldorf. "Join the difference" says the mirror.)

  • 20 Days, 20 Years - Day 20

    2014-03-28 17.49.56

    What can I do? This is the best picture I found underground, I mean: downstairs. Not really "Cars & Girls", but "Bunnies & HiFi" from back in the days of late Wirtschaftswunder. 20th century boys' wet dreams, especially if a bit autoamerican, so to speak. Or autogerman? Nice irony in that combination in that pic, isn't there? Plus "1967" fits somehow (with me), and soon it will be Easter. So: Never stop exploring your neighborhood - it may be large, deep and rich!


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