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    2015-08-25 16.58.50 b1 vienna

    Dear all, friends and foes and do-not-cares: This blog will be shelved here: In fact there will be two things happening: I will finish publishing here by end of November - as will be closed down by mid-December - and I will put up different end-of-the-year-charts in time at wordpress. So all you billions bookmark that wordpress-site, too. ;) Maybe there will be more up there later, but at the moment I just don't know. Thank you for keeping up with following!

    Favourite concerts of the second half of the year:

    Kreislermaschine & Die Verwechslung, Adler59, Dortmund

    Jambinai, Theaterzelt, Düsseldorf

    Ensemble Ruhr, Alte Mitte, Essen

    Messer Chups, The Tube, Düsseldorf

    The Torpedo Monkeys & Psychofarmaka, Panic Room, Essen

    N'Guewel SAF-SAP, Katakomben-Theater, Essen

    The Summerville Sisters, Le Chat Noir, Essen

    Tom Liwa mit Flowerpornoes, Grend, Essen

  • Live Blog: NATO Conference next door (III)

    2015-11-23 16.40.08

    15/11/25 9 a.m.
    Yesterday I more or less simply copied and pasted the first two parts to this blog's new place and found that I have readers from Switzerland there. Nice statistics at Wordpress. The readers even clicked on that "The Sleepwalkers" link, the book by Christopher Clark I still haven't finished with. History lessons one may have learned from. Or what? So I did two final searches, typing in "Harvard NATO" first. Best sentence: "The biggest misconception about NATO's intervention is that it saved lives and benefited Libya and its neighbors." "Oxford NATO"? "Interventions in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Libya have flouted or tarnished international law without obviously enhancing Euro-Atlantic security." Here.
    But then I thought about the ongoing deportations from Germany - and the religious aspects of all these wars. It struck me that being against Semites is different from the solely anti-Jewish tradition it is looked at mainly in Germany since decades and maybe centuries. Semitic people: Here. See "Syriac-Arameans" there in the text? Then: Turkey has its history with Armenians, for example. But then of course we also have the Aryan/Semitic-opposition rooted there somewhere. Germans and also French intellectuals made most incredible mistakes here throughout the centuries. To cut it short: Russia might be right concerning Assad, but it is no wonder that its allegiance with Iran is seen with suspicion. It is difficult for me, too, to read of "Indo-European" and "Indo-Iranian" as somehow "Aryan", when the first thing I learned at school was that I belong to a culture of "Proto-Indo-German language".
    Back from European "science" to religion: The last 80 or 150 years of German or European history may not matter that much to Muslims, Jews and Christians alike, when at the end of the day "Abrahamic" means "Semitic". Hm, did I write "suspicion" lately? Let me ask: What are Oxford and Harvard about, basically? It upsets me that I have to forget about 30 years of intellectual education to come to this point. (Please note that I am not being anti-Hindu, -Buddhist or -British here. Anyhow, all crusades and world wars look different if seen with other people's eyes. How India teaches Harvard: Here. Official opinion from India on the Islamic State, NATO et al: Here.)

    15/11/25 3 p.m.
    So for the China-Iran-Russia coalition. Here is an opinion. I simply guess that it depends upon your ideology or world view how much real danger you sense in the air. Fears sometimes only point at something - and then you better find out about it, before you believe the wrong propaganda. It may be uncomfortable to see beyond your own cultural view point at first. But after that you may find that the world is not bad - and that you and yours are absoutely not the centre of the universe.

    15/11/25 5 p.m.
    Curious if some NATO people and partners will watch Champions League with me and the others.

    15/11/25 11 p.m.
    Istanbul and Moscow both lost their matches. (Manchester should better win in Wolfsburg next month.) And here is some Air Power non-propaganda concerning Afghanistan via The Guardian. I would like to end this live blog with two more perspectives, from South America and Australia. I feel a little bit mentally and emotionally exhausted and can understand that nobody wants to be confronted with things like these 24/7. Three days in November 2015 - that was that.

  • Live Blog: NATO Conference next door (II)

    2015-11-23 16.40.08

    15/11/24 9 a.m.
    I haven't mentioned the possible (further) NATO (military) interventions in Ukrania and Afghanistan yesterday. (Please excuse the bad looking links at the end, must be a bug or sth.) I wished Afghanistan and neighbors would look after themselves now and that it all went faster with former Soviet Union nations concerning leaving ultra-nationals, all-too-opportunistic pro-Europeans (and -NATOs) and any dreams of yesteryear behind - including Russia, yes. But somehow it's all so "If you want NATO, you must have EU as well." Nowadays and with all these east European countries, that is. Living in Germany I'd say "Can't I have a EU without that much NATO in it?" And could any nation please find time to live past all these world war inhumanities and not be forced to step into the next war trap? They are not only discussing the next proper propaganda in my neighborhood these days, they sell war technology, too.

    Yesterday evening local WDR finally had this to say. Here is some alternative/left news also including a newspaper article I missed. And some more in that vein, of which I hope that they are not such national socialists as the people they invite, i.e. that Lafontaine guy shown in the last link of yesterday. If anybody wants to see German and Turkish young socialists against NATO wars on the streets of Essen: Pictures here. Erdogan and the US fight on different sides in Libya? Both NATO? Right. Which NATO party is fighting for what exactly in Syria then? Okay, partly they simply help Turkey. You want to know other countries NATO helps out atm? Somalia, Sudan, Kosovo. Nothing that could not be done by anybody else or only by some of today's NATO members. So is NATO mainly there so that its members don't fight against each other too often? Well, in fact it's more than that. Lots of options.

    15/11/24 12.30 p.m.
    I guessed it, I could have guessed even better before: One of the events I was about to join in Brussels this week, the European Culture Forum, has been cancelled. Maybe I don't know about other cancellations yet, just because I am not taking part. Meanwhile in Essen there have been about 6 or 7 police horns in the morning. Right, EU is kept from working while NATO keeps happening next door. Anything in the news about one or the other? No, but about metal detectors on Thalys trains and the Russian plane Turkey just grounded close to the Syrian border.
    Oh, here is a news about NATOessen and this demonstration again. Why do they call their demonstration successful? If this is victory, what is defeat? And here is an (anti-)announcement of the JAPPC conference, where they also mention the Baltics and of course Georgia as possible targets of Anti-Russian NATO "engagement". I start getting really sick of this cold war centered pacifism, as obviously NATO doesn't care about this logic (see link up above). NATO working, nationalists working, European Union gone hostage. Qui bono?

    15/11/24 1.30 p.m.
    You might ask: So what is JAPCC doing there? More of the same like here and here. And here is somebody working for them I might even be related to. And here is another working on similar territory, so to speak. This guy from Ljubljana? Will see if I meet him on the streets here now.

    15/11/24 4 p.m.
    Oh, NATO goes Brussels within the hour! Guess the place is well prepared. Here is what Jens Stoltenberg declared in October, talking about NATO, Turkey and Russia. The Turkmen (not those of Turkmenistan or Afghanistan!) play an important role here.
    "London is suspiciously quiet", I just said yesterday. Here is what the British socialists' frontman is doing right now. And Cameron might know what to say on Thursday, too - after today's NATO meeting in Brussels, right?

    15/11/24 6 p.m.
    The Free Syrian Army claims to have hit one of the Russian helicopters looking for the plane crew, according to the Independent, who hurries a bit to say "US-armed" before the news even starts. NATO Air Power propaganda in full effect already? Wait! What if the FSA shot the plane down(, too) - nevermind who hit the helicopter. Would Erdogan-Turkey "jump in" and "take the blame", because it feels it has NATO behind them? Hard to say. Tail wagging NATO-dog or Russian bear being clumsy? Satellites and radar can lie - we know that. Especially if being manipulated. So: No reason for further escalation, if you ask me. All propaganda. Maybe JAPCC is actually analyzing if this approach works out fine atm.
    American press? NY Times features an "opinion" about a Sunni state, very obviously with an eye on Iran (and Moscow) - a nice "hello" to the Free Syrian Army? The plane incident itself and questions of "why that" are a more neutral read. "Why that?" Hm. This escalation threatens to undermine negotiations etc. Even if NATO "stands by its allies"... Well, it's all about a post-war order in Syria, isn't it? Turkey looks a bit better atm, but only to those, erm, believing the new Air Power propaganda - or what? You decide.

    15/11/24 11.30 p.m.
    I heard what Stoltenberg roughly said on the radio, then I typed "JAPCC Essen" into a search engine and found a guy who claims via Twitter that no visitors of the Essen conference left for Brussels at all. Okay. The Guardian as well as NATO and UN think the parties should "cool down". I do, too.

  • Live Blog: NATO Conference next door

    2015-11-23 16.40.08

    This is not Paris, this is not Brussels. This is not Libya or Syria or Mali. NATO is here, almost next door to my place, at Messe Essen. Personally, these have been strange days anyhow before that: I had to wonder if people I knew were harmed during the Paris attacks and I am sure that I know people who know some of the dead and hurt. And I had attended for an event at Brussels this week - sold out. Kraftwerk (sold out as well) are playing four days in a row at Lichtburg Cinema here and I wonder if the generals and staff of this conference are attending the event this Monday evening.

    15/11/23 9 p.m.
    I read two facebook postings which introduced me to the event. One by a friend who got harrassed by the police already yesterday evening. And another who warned that there might be unusual things happening the next three days. I did not even try to find anything in the local newspaper, but found two news via web later today. One by local radio. And another about an Anti-NATO demonstration by local communists a few days ago. I thought it might fit well if the usual Peace-and-AntiRepression- demonstration, that takes place every Monday midtown, might move over. Found no trace of them there - close to Kraftwerk's venue - today, but just heard sirens wailing again. I also suspect there were two weapon trade fair workers at the table beside me at a café in the late afternoon. I took two helpless pictures, tried to do some work and hope no basically innocent people will be harmed here. Will go out for another walk and then check the news again.

    15/11/23 10 p.m.
    So I passed the beggars and the bars, the supermarket and the petrol station, where just last month an old man had been found dead in his car six hours after his passing. And there was not much to see there at Gruga. Essen does not have much money, neither for the poor nor for its trade fair. So it takes money from NATO. I heard that the most prostitutes are ordered when some tool fair is staying there. Maybe today it's quality before quantity.
    I think that Africa should be stabilized and govern itself. I don't feel like the Mali case is as bad as Syria. But how would a NATO (again) move another person (here: Assad) out of his office in such a region? What if Moscow is right here? Maybe I am with the German government at most things concerning these terror topics atm, but you will rarely see me applauding any of the old fascists and their offsprings that might still be part of some other organizations of Germany, official, unofficial, private sector, companies. In fact last week I spread a questionnaire disguised as a test around dealing with NATO und EU. You may find my opinion in there if you look close.
    So a last media watching for today. Essen is mentioned here. One train station incident they refer to is meantioned here. Somebody is posting about a refugees welcome party where they play electro swing... Tasteless? A few days ago I wondered what a muslim refugee thinks when he or she sees their brothers and sisters gone cheap here, maybe on alcohole or other drugs, maybe wired, maybe just gone dumb and cold. So many war children here! And next door they are dealing with the hardest drug of them all. Next thing we do: Party with the falcons? No. Get to know your people before you mingle, folks. That's what I'd say for today.

    15/11/23 11 p.m.

  • The global blog review...

    ... might better be written by you. Or not at all.

    Dear all, friends and foes and do-not-cares: This blog will be shelved here: In fact there will be two things happening: I will finish publishing here by end of November - as will be closed down by mid-December - and I will put up different end-of-the-year-charts in time at wordpress. So all you billions bookmark that wordpress-site, too. ;) Maybe there will be more up there later, but at the moment I just don't know. Thank you for keeping up with following!


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